Main International Cooperation

International Cooperation

The Central Commission of the Republic of Belarus on Elections and Holding Republican Referenda (further referred to as the Central Commission) is working with the central electoral authorities in many countries.

Since 1998, the Central Commission has been a member of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO). ACEEEO members are 25 countries of the European region. The Association is an international non-governmental organization that is independent of any political party and national governments. At the annually held conferences ACEEEO facilitates free exchange of information between experts and organizers of elections, promotes the review of experience in the preparation and holding of elections, and establishes business contacts in order to ensure free, transparent and fair elections.

The Central Commission maintains efficient and friendly relations with the Central Electoral Commission of the CIS countries. The organizers of the elections have developed a tradition to invite their colleagues from the CIS countries to attend conferences and seminars to exchange experience, assisting in elections and referenda as international observers.

Members of the Central Commission have been involved in observation elections in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Latvia and Lithuania. The representatives of the above-mentioned governments, in turn, observed presidential and parliamentary elections and referenda in Belarus.

The OSCE representatives are regularly invited to our country to observe the preparation and holding the presidential and parliamentary elections and national referenda.
Not only European countries, but also Asia and Latin America show interest in the Belarusian electoral system. Experts from Bolivia, Vietnam, China, India, Iran, Japan, studying the electoral process in Belarus, had the opportunity to meet with the authorities of the Central Commission and to receive answers to their questions.

Most closely and productively the Central Commission cooperates with the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation. Officially, cooperation between the Belarusian and Russian Central Electoral Commissions was formalized by the protocol dated June 4, 1998, which identified the scope and forms of cooperation. Still, the real cooperation generally goes beyond the scope of the protocol.