Legally, the electoral system of the Republic of Belarus is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus, other legislative acts of the Republic of Belarus, and resolutions of the Central Commission.

The Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus adopted in 2000 includes the electoral institutions and procedures required to hold democratic elections. The Electoral Code integrates legal rules that regulate four types of election, the conduct of referendums and the procedure of recalling deputies and members of the Council of the Republic.

The Republic of Belarus applies a simple majority system under which deputies of any level and the President of the Republic of Belarus are elected directly by electors in the republic. Elections of the President and deputies are free and conducted on the basis of direct, equal and universal suffrage by secret ballot.

Elections are arranged by electoral commissions formed of representatives of political parties, other public organizations, labor collectives, and individuals.

Voters are citizens of the Republic of Belarus over 18. Citizens recognized incapable by the court, persons kept by the court verdict in places of deprivation of liberty do not participate in elections. Persons in relation to whom, in the order established by the criminal procedural legislation, the measure of preventive punishment – custody was taken do not take part in voting.